Online Presentation Skills Training

Presentation skills ideas when you need them

Presentation skills training from itdLIVE gives you access to the ideas you need when you need them.

When you buy our Online Presentations Skills Course you will have access to this for twelve months. It’s like having a training course available to you whenever you want it. You can watch videos on a specific idea, or watch the entire course. The vidoes are short and to the point, from 30 seconds to 3 minutes. Click here to read more.

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3 Levels of Presentation Skills Training Content

Video content is structured into three levels, from an entire course to an individual idea.

Take a look at the entire Course content. Presentation Skills Training is made up of eleven Subject areas. Each Subject area contains a between six and twelve  individual videos. Each video is about one Idea.

There are several Subject areas in each Course. Presenting Skills Training has 11 Subject areas, from Handling Questions to Body Language. Each Subject includes a number of videos. 

Ideas are delivered through individual learning videos. Our Presenting Skills Training includes over 90 learning videos. You can get ideas from organising your venue, or structuring your content, to managing your audience.

With three levels of content you can view just the idea you need, the subject area around it, or the entire course. Click here to read more.

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Presentation Skills Training: Video Learning

Each video is from 30 seconds to 3 minutes in length. So you can watch one video for a quick idea, or watch a series on a subject matter. You control how much you want to learn and when you want to learn it.

presentation skills training

Get the ideas you need when you need them

itdLIVE gives you access to presentation skills training ideas and tips. This means you access help in those everyday situations where you wish you had a training course, or a coach to help. Like when you have a presentation to prepare for:

itdLIVE has ideas on all these areas and many more. It’s like having access to a trainer 24/7.

presentation skills training

Follow the course, or use the search bar or the menu, to find what you’re looking for. 

Other Presentation Skills Learning Options