You can buy Presentation Skills Coaching on any of the business skills areas covered by itdLIVE videos.

Presentation Skills Coaching

Presentation Skills Coaching helps you improve your impact and confidence in the direction you want.

The coach’s role is to develop your self awareness, help you identify areas for improvement and suggest ideas. Classic coaching is often defined as helping the person find their own solution. The coaching we offer goes a bit further in that we offer ideas and suggestions.

Delivering presentations includes both designing your content and then speaking to your audience. Our coaching helps you to develop your approach in the areas you want to focus on.

Face to Face Presentation Skills Coaching

Face to face presentation skills coaching means meeting up in a developmental session. The sessions typically last a minimum of one hour and can last up to three, and may involve multiple meetings.

Meeting up makes it that much easier to make quick developmental progress. As human beings we often thrive in face to face situations, and that’s especially true with personal developmental.

Virtual Coaching

Virtual coaching works with communication via Skype, or telephone. Coaching simply means you have a discussion with a coach to get help on a specific area of development.

If you want help with preparing for a specific presentation, the coach will help you in whatever way you need it. This could be in content development, or in delivery. The objective is that you are better prepared for your presentation. If you enable video we can give you help on your delivery style, body language etc.

How does Coaching work?

Training is about gaining ideas on how to do something. Our Learning Videos help you with lots of ideas. Coaching is about putting those ideas into practice and developing your skills. It’s about helping you to improve. To read more on one to one coaching please check out our sister website at

What is the cost of Presentation Skills Coaching?

The answer depends on the specifics of the session. Our virtual coaching service is charged in 5 minute sections at a price of £20 per section. You can buy any number of sections. To assess our style you can sign up to itdLIVE Learning Videos here.

How to get started with Presentation Skills Coaching?

Contact us to agree how much coaching you require. We then agree a time for your coaching session. You make payment and we go ahead.

If it’s really urgent just call us on +44 (0)800 804 8086.

Contact us to buy Coaching

To buy coaching, please contact us by telephone on +44 (0)800 804 8086, or complete the form below.