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Online Public Speaking Course

This course is ideal for both those people who want to get a foundation in how to speak publicly, as well as those who want to refresh their approach. The learning videos in this course are clearly labelled, short and concise, which means you can easily access the learning you need. 

Who wrote and presents this course?

The course is written and presented by Martin Chapman, who has over 20 years experience in delivering presentations and in training on presentation skills. Participants of Martin’s training live and work all over the world, including from Sydney, Beijing, Singapore, Dubai, Mumbai, Moscow, Paris, London, Milan, Budapest, New York, Washington, San Francisco, Sao Paolo and many more places. His approach is warm, friendly and professional having delivered training live and virtually for large and small organisations all over the world.

Presenting with Impact

Our online public speaking course is called Presenting with Impact. The course gives you ideas on how to develop your confidence. It does this by breaking down the subject into sections. Each section looks in detail on how to develop and improve. We have been delivering this course for many people both live and virtually. These videos are based on this experience and what we have learnt to be most useful for anyone giving a presentation. Above all the videos are practical and easily understood for simple application. 

How long is this online public speaking course?

The total time of the course is 2 hours. The course is constructed of individual learning videos. There are over 90 videos in twelve sections which are detailed below. Each video is between 30 seconds and three minutes long, so that you can get the ideas in a concise and effective way.

How long will I have access to this online public speaking course?

You will have access to this online public speaking course for twelve months. And because the course is structured by sections and individual learning videos, you can access the ideas you need when you need them, throughout the year.

What do others say?

online public speaking course
Each of the 90+ videos describes a separate idea

Online public speaking course – contents

The course is constructed from twelve sections which are listed below. You can take the course step by step in the order outlined. Or you can go straight to the section, or video you want. Each video makes sense in isolation, so there’s no problem in watching them individually.


The structure section gives you ideas on how to construct your talk. Starting with a clear objective the learning videos give you ways to make sure your talk has maximum impact for your audience. This applies to whether the audience are in the same room as you, or when you are presenting to them using your computer. In addition to giving ideas on the overall structure, this section also gives ideas on how to structure your individual points, or slides.


What to leave out can often be as big a decision as what to put in. Too much content can overwhelm your audience. You can construct your talk to deliver the message you want it to, based on your objective and with a ruthless approach. Above all, it is essential to know what you would like your audience to be thinking, or doing as a result of listening to your talk.

Slide Design

This section of videos gives you ideas on how to design clear and impactful slides. PowerPoint is a wonderful piece of software. Its capability is huge. But this can also be its downfall as you can spend hours on all the options available. The transitions and animations are many and varied. But how much does this add to your talk? The course gives you ideas on how to create a focussed and clear presentation, however it is up to you to apply the ideas to your presentation.


Timing issues when giving a presentation can be very important. Run over time and people may start getting uncomfortable and may even leave. Too short and the audience may feel the talk was not prepared properly. These learning videos give you ideas on how to get your timing just right, so that you deliver a clear and impactful talk.


Making sure your venue is organised professionally is essential. It is vital to ensure the venue does not become an unwelcome distraction to your talk. The learning videos in this part of the course give you ideas and tips on how to organise your venue sucessfully. In addition, they give you ideas on some of the small but significant details which can make all the difference between success and disaster.


Your audience is probably the most important part of your talk. In this section of our online public speaking couse we explain how to assess your audience. For example, can you divide them into groups by experience of the topic, by their roles, or by some other category. We then go on to show you how to engage your audience and tailor your talk to them, so that they feel you are talking directly to them as an individual. These techniques can work, no matter how many people are in the audience.


The imact you create in your public speaking talk is partly based on how you look. And how you look includes your clothes. For example, consider the impact of a suit and tie compared to t-shirt and jeans. Wearing the right clothes for your talk depends on the expectations of your audience. Getting this right means most people will not consciously notice, but getting it wrong means they almost certainly will. This section of learning videos gives you simple principles to follow in order to get your clothing right.

Body Language

The body language section of any online public speaking course is very important. This part of the course gives you ideas on how to remove classic body language errors, like poor eye contact and fidgeting. We review the body language principles to get right and give you ideas on which to measure your performance.

Handling Questions

Questions coming at you out of the blue can be difficult to manage. This part of the online public speaking course gives you frameworks and ideas on how to deal professionally with any question. You have videos giving you a process on how to answer any question. There are more videos on handling difficult and complex questions. Whilst we don’t agree with having a scripted approach to presenting, it is useful to have set words to hand on how you handle questions. For instance, what will you say to a question on the data you are using, and how will you handle a question on any of the assumptions your talk is based on.


Your voice conveys the confidence you have in the subject you are talking about. Managing your voice is a skill you can develop. For instance, you can work on your pitch, your tone and your speed. The videos in this section give you ideas and strategies on how to manage your voice, so that you deliver a confident presentation.


Choosing the right words is vital when you want to deliver a clear presentation. This section of learning videos gives you ideas and tips and how to talk with simplicity and clarity when presenting. We show you how to remove complexity and Keep It Simple. Above all the videos show you how simple language can have a big impact on your professionalism.

Presenting Virtually

This section of the online public seaking course has been developed in 2020. It is specifically focussed on giving you ideas on how to present using your pc or laptop. Like all the sections in this course it goes into the detail you need to improve.

Presenting to an audience who are not in the same room has specific challenges. One of the main challenges is the relative lack of body language. For this reason we have to work really hard at the areas of body language we do have and in the other areas which can add impact.

itdlive online presentation skills training
Presenting virtually through your pc, laptop, or phone is included in the course

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