What is In-House Presentation Skills Training?

In-house presentation skills training simply means organising a learning session at your offices. It would be delivered by one of our trainers, on a business skills subject of your choice. Sessions last from just one hour to a full day, or two days.

What are the benefits of an in-house workshop?

Organisations often choose an in-house presentation skills training workshop when; they have enough people to make up a session. which means 3 to 6 people; want the training to be designed to their specific needs; have people who prefer the tailored approach; and have the resources to do this, which is not as much as some might expect for a tailored solution.

The benefits of an in-house training workshop include:

  • Dynamic feedback and tutoring from the trainer, which helps you to develop your skills live in the session.
  • Although online works, because we are human beings, many people prefer live interaction with our presentation skills expert.
  • The training workshop is tailored to your needs, so you get the content, help and ideas you need to improve your confidence.

What is the typical Agenda of an In-House Workshop?

The following gives a typical agenda for how the session might run. Each session is different as it is tailored to the needs of the participants, and these are always at least slightly unique.

  • Introductions and objectives including the development goals from the participants.
  • Participants introduce the presentation they are working on during the training.
  • Fundamentals of making a presentation
  • Structure
  • Content
  • Slide Design
  • Timing
  • Venue
  • Audience
  • Body Language
  • Handling Questions
  • Voice
  • Language
  • Practice sessions, feedback, cocahing and development

itdLIVE Learning Videos are FREE when you buy In-House Training

When you buy an in-house training session all the participants  get access to itdLIVE Learning Videos for a year. If you’re not sure if you will be buying an in-house session, you can sign up to watch itdLIVE Learning Videos here.

How much does In-House Presentation Skills Training cost?

The cost is a function of how long a session you require, the complexity of the session, the number of participants and the number of session required. But rest assured we’ll do all we can to work with your budget. And if you work in a charity we have special charity rates. When we have the details of what you’re looking for we’ll give you a price.

Participant Review

Martin provided useful tips in the session. The session was enjoyable and informative.
Michael Walsh
Associate Lawyer

For more details on our in-house training take a look at itd.com

Take a look at itd.com for lots of details on the wide range of in-house workshops we run. These are delivered at your offices. Dynamic, relevant, fun, and really interesting are examples of the typical feeback we get for these sessions. Go to itd.com

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