itdLIVE is very simple

Through itdLIVE you gain access to video learning.

itdLIVE is subscription based, so you, or your employer, pay an amount per month or an annual fee, for access to all our Learning Videos.

The subject content is currently on Presenting with Impact, including over 90 videos full of tips and ideas to improve your presentation skills. We’re going to add to this with other business skills subjects.

Content is structured at three levels; Full Course, Subject Area, and Individual Ideas. Presenting with Impact is made up of 12 Subject Areas from Body Language to Slide Design and includes Presenting Virtually.

Because itdLIVE is web based you can watch whenever and wherever you like.

You can cancel at anytime and when you sign up you get the first month free to see what you think.

How does itdLIVE compare with what is on YouTube?

There is a lot of good content on YouTube, but there’s also a lot that’s not. And the challenge is finding the good stuff. All itdLIVE learning videos have been developed by experienced trainers, with over twenty years experience of designing and delivering work skills courses around the world. So you get high quality and consistently good content. And itdLIVE videos are short and to the point, so you get the ideas you need quickly. And there’s no advertising.

Take a look at these sample videos

Here are three sample videos for you to take a look at.

Presenting with Impact – Structure – Objective 1:09

Presenting with Impact – Handling Questions – Practise Answering Questions 0:56

Presenting with Impact – Body Language – What to do with your hands 1:37

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