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Public Speaking Courses from itdLIVE help you to develop your skills at your own pace. itdLIVE courses are available online through a subscription or one off payment system.

Public Speaking Courses – Video Learning

With itdLIVE you learn at your own pace through our Learning Videos. Videos are short and to the point. The length of the videos ranges from under 1 minute to 4 minutes, which means you get to the learning quickly.

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What do these courses cover?

Our Public Speaking Courses give you ideas on how to improve your presentation skills. We focus on very specific behaviours. For example we give ideas on how and where to stand when public speaking.

public speaking courses length

Course length

With or online learning videos the course can be as long as you want it to be. The minimum length is just 1 minute if you choose to watch just one video. But if you choose to watch all the videos, this will take 3 hours. You can watch in batches of time or a number of videos at a time.

bite size learning

Bite Size Learning

Bite size learning means you can learn small elements from our public speaking courses. This means you can learn as many or as few parts of the course at one time as you choose.

learn what you want when you want

Learn what you want, when you want

The time limits on your access to the itdLIVE Public Speaking Courses is driven by you. This is because this is a subscription service, so you pay a monthly or anual fee to retain access.

Developing confidence in public speaking

Developing Confidence

Our training helps you to develop your confidence in public speaking. This includes managing nerves as you start your presentation. It also involves gaining confidence by knowing how you will deal with different situations, like awkward questions. Practice is absolutely key here. If you are offered or have the chance to give a talk, grab it with both hands. The more you practice the better you will get. 

Working with your audience

Working with your audience

Adapting your talk to your audience is essential if you want them to be fully engaged. This doesn’t mean completely re-writing it, it simply means tayloring your messages os that they are relevant. We show you how to do this effectively and simply.

Handling difficult questions

Handling Difficult Questions

Many people fear difficult questions when delivering a presentation. Our Public Speaking Course gives you specific ideas on how to handle all questions and very difficult questions.

Public Speaking Courses Preparation

Public Speaking Courses Preparation

Preparation is vital in delivering a presentation. This training gives you a complete checklist of all the elements to cover in the planning and preparation of your talk.

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